Championed revamping athenahealth's EMR to account for transgender patients in every part of the workflow.

Outcome prediction for knee replacement candidates & their surgeons.

Creator of LGBTQ Health focused machine learning hackathon, with the Tegan and Sara Foundation.

2019 Winner of Y Combinator Startup School Grant (as Vessel Health)

Wingspan Health's Tiktok has over 350k likes and over 3 million views.

Building products users love. Clickthrough for example user feedback.

Wingspan Health

venture backed, YC grant winner
30% MoM user growth
integrated with 3x physicians as Apple Health

Technical Founder


venture backed start-up
aggregated data product
ML on clinical data

Senior Product Manager


tech-forward electronic medical records

launched best-in-KLAS hospital EMR

Senior Product Manager

Product Manager


gold-standard of electronic medical records

inpatient care, decision support, financial integration

Clinical Application Manager

Clinical Project Manager

Cornell University

College of Architecture, Art, and Planning

2008-2012, BSci with Honors